A tour of Belgium

Post written by Kate Robinson
One of my favourite memories was Monday mornings at university when I was studying in Paris, because I used to love receiving my weekly ration of Belgian chocolates. You see I had a friend from Ghent and we had met on registration day when we started university in the French capital. We became best friends from that day and every weekend he used to go home and would come back with Belgian chocolates for me to sample. He was a good friend. A few years later he convinced me to come and visit him in Belgium and so I did. I got last minute flights to Brussels with easyJet and he was waiting for me at the airport.
To be honest I wasn’t too keen on visiting Belgium. I had heard that it rains a lot, but I was looking forward to more chocolates, chips and sampling Belgian beer. In the end, the trip surpassed all my expectations. We did a tour, starting in the capital, Brussels, before moving on to Antwerp, Bruges and finishing at his parents’ house in Ghent. You don’t need a lot of time to do the same tour. I managed all that in 7 days.

Brussels is Belgium’s capital where you can see the famous Manneken Pis and European Parliament. I personally didn’t really like Brussels. However, I fell in love with Bruges, otherwise known as the Venice of the North, because of its canals. The architecture of this quaint medieval city is beautiful. Ghent and Antwerp are similar. These cities are well laid out and it is lovely to walk around them admiring the architecture, squares and enjoying their charm. By day we would sightsee and to keep warm we would eat chips along the way. In the afternoon I would recommend a Belgian waffle with the topping of your choice….yum. In the evening we would eat out in a nice restaurant and then head to a bar for a few drinks. Belgium’s smaller cities are just perfect for a weekend break, romantic holiday or city break…and a great excuse to sample chocolates, waffles, chips and beer.

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