A Road Trip from Bruxelles to Andorra la Vela

A road trip is always a very exciting journey, because you don’t have a timetable to obey, you have your own rules, plan your own itinerary and take who you want with you. Especially when you can choose from various car deals. A journey from Southern France to Andorra capital – Andorra la Vela is a very interesting, catchy and also amazing route. You can rent a car using a valid credit card right from Bordeaux. The more days you rent the car, the greater discount for you.

Andorra is a very small country in Europe between France and Spain, and the capital, Andorra la Vela, although not very large, makes you spend hours wandering along, and shopping.

We all know that Andorra is a fiscal haven, a tax-free country so this is another strong reason to visit this country. Leaving behind Bordeaux, we head to the next important in Southern France – Toulouse – of course, if you have the time, you can spend some time and visit this extraordinary town. If you are in a hurry or simply just want to continue your road trip, then go around Toulouse and drive on the highway to Andorra. The moment you arrive in Andorra, the landscape becomes more and ore fascinating, because the high mountains are the ones which delimit Andorra la Vela from the rest of the country. You have two possibilities here – either you go on the highway and admire the view, which might become slightly unfriendly, as the temperatures reach 00 in summer and the view is very steep, or go by the tunnel from Pyrenees. Take some food and drinks with you because you won’t have the chance to make a refill quite often. Because the landscape is not very accessible for locals and tourists, you will find stores either before entering the zig-zag road or before reaching Andorra la Vela.

Either way, this is a great chance to visit this beautiful country, and as you won’t find an airport here, due to its restricted surface, the best small car is the ideal means of transportation for such a road trip.

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