A 3 Days Journey in Tokyo

Tokyo is an endless show of lights, movement, Asian culture which is worth visiting, even for a short period of time. For Europeans or Americans it may be rather far away but if you book your flight in advance, then you can get a very good deal, so your journey will be much cheaper from the start. For instant Delta Airlines is one of the airline companies, which has the lowest fares for destinations such as Tokyo. Quite encouraging, isn’t it? And when you add all the gorgeous sightseeings and new things you will experience in these three days, you’ll most surely won’t forget Tokyo!
The first day is also called an orientation day because you start feeling comfortable in the new town. Tokyo will welcome you warmly. You can choose to visit Tokyo Tower in your first day of stay, then go on a River Cruise in order to enjoy the landscape. Or, another possibility for visiting Tokyo in only 3 days is to go on a Panoramic Tokyo Day Tour, which is a little bit slower. On the second day, you can delight your senses with sushi or go to Tsukiji Fish Market, or choose to spend your time in Ginza shopping district. Here you can find unique souvenirs for you or for those remained at home. On the third and last day in Tokyo, after having grasped a little from the taste and life of this beautiful town, you should consider going to Ghibli Museum and choose one of the day tours around Tokyo. If you are in search of a spiritual trip, then the perfect choice for you is Great Buddha at Kamakura.
Don’t forget to take your camera with you and share your experience, thoughts and impressions with us!

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