9/11 Commemoration in USA – 10 Years From the Tragic Event, Many Things Remain a Total Mystery

This year in 2011, the whole world commemorates the extremely tragic events of 9/11 September. Everyone recollects now having seen a clear blue sky just before the dramatic events occurred. The image below shows that the consequence of the airplane hitting the skyscrapers was visible from above, from a helicopter.
However, there are still many questions remained unanswered regarding 9/11. For instance, why did the world’s most powerful air force fail to intercept any of the four hijacked planes or How could a skyscraper, which was not hit by a plane, collapse so quickly and symmetrically, when no other steel framed skyscraper has collapsed because of fire? The most important commemoration ceremonies will take place in New York City, which will open on Sept. 11 with a ceremony for victims’ families at Ground Zero, in Washington, D.C where the ceremony will be attended by about 700 people who lost their relatives and friends in the tragic events of 9/11. Another place where the commemoration services will take place is Shanksville, Pa at the Memorial Plaza, starting at 9:30 a.m. ET on Sept. 11.
After the attack on the Twin Towers, the names of nearly 3000 persons were inscribed on the bronze parapets surrounding the twin Memorial pools. All names are arranged in a certain manner, following some criteria, such as the place were they were when they died, whom they know, for what companies did they worked for.
On September, 11th, when the terrorist attacks occurred, the american astronaut Frank Culbertson was on board of the International Spatial Station. Out from the Earth orbit, he, together with his colleagues managed to record the great cloud left by the two twin towers. After the attacks in September 2001, about 3000 people were killed – about 2700 at World Trade Center, 200 at Pentagon and about 200 in Pennsylvania.

9 11 September Tragedy Seen from Airplane - Source homepagemac.com
9 11 September Tragedy Seen from Airplane – Source homepagemac.com

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