3D Express Coach, China’s Solution for Traffic Jam

3D Express Coach is the soon-to-be ecological solution for traffic jams in China. Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment has proposed the design for the new bus, which will go above the road and other cars, called ‘3D Express Coach‘. According to the research made, traffic jams will be reduced by 30% during the period this bus functions. It is claimed to cost about 500 million yuan, which means only 10 per per cent of the cost of an equivalent subway system. The new bus will have 1400 passengers capacity for one way, and it will be placed above the rest of the traffic. This is also because China overcame USA in matters of greenhouse gas rate, and it took the decision to reduce air pollution.

Traffic Jam Solved in China With 3D Express Coach
Traffic Jam Solved in China With 3D Express Coach

3D Express Coach is also named “three-dimensional fast bus” and it will travel at speeds of up to 37 mph and it will be 15 feet high. Moreover, because it is projected as an ecofriendly means of transportation, it will be solar-powered.
3D Express Coach, China's Straddling Bus
3D Express Coach, China

Cars will easily go under this bus will be warned, through an alarm as they drive when it was about to make a turn and also when they drive too close from the bus wheels. Inside 3D Express Coach a ladder will help passengers in case of emergency. The front and rear of the buses will emit ultrasonic waves to keep trucks or too-tall cars from entering the “tunnel.”
Cars Under 3D Express Coach in China
Cars Under 3D Express Coach in China

Inside the China Bus
Inside the China Bus

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