25 Dead in Belgium Train Crash

About 25 persons were killed during the train crash that took place today, February 15th, in Belgium. The accident was caused by two commuter trains that collided during the rush hour in the worst rail accident in Belgium for 30 years today. However, the causes of the crash produced today remain unknown, but it is claimed that snowfall in recent days has caused severe disruption to transport links in and around the captial. Eurostar has suspended services between London and Brussels following the head-on collision. Local police have confirmed several critical injuries, but there has been no firm number of casualties. The company representatives asserted that “Services in and out of Brussels are completely suspended until further notice”.

London Brussels Train Crash February 2010
London Brussels Train Crash February 2010
Moreover, the Paris-London route is not affected but the Thalys service linking Paris and Brussels has been suspended. The two trains that crashed were coming one from Leuven to Braine-le-Comte and the other from Quiévrain to Liège. The collision produced near Halle, around 12km south-west of Brussels, at around 8.30am local time.Many rescuer crews, firemen and Red Cross volunteers interfered at the place of the accident. Mr. Kris Peeters said that “It is a real catastrophe, a shock for the country”.

Train Crash in Belgium February 2010
Train Crash in Belgium February 2010

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