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Spanish Laredo Flower Parade

If you are visiting Spain, don’t miss the “La batalla de los flores,” or the Battle of the Flowers, that takes place in Laredo, situated on the northern coast of Spain between Santander and Bilbao.
The town is small but also famous for the increasing popularity of this festival, which draws thousands of tourists every year. The history of this event dates back to the 20th century. The flower parade may dominate the day, but the night of the Battle of Flowers has its own rituals. The colours, characters, costumes, settings, all are amazing and grandious. The townspeople burn the sardine for good luck in fishing for the coming year. Then they stay and have a party on the beach while there is a fireworks display.

Do you have any memories related to this festival, which you would like to share with us?

Battle of Flowers in Laredo
Battle of Flowers in Laredo

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