10 Tips to a Perfect Holiday

The holiday season is here and you have just made all the necessary arrangements for this journey – the airline tickets, accommodation, a list of top sights. But this might be simple at a first glance, and for sure it is, however, there are some important tips to follow in order to enjoy your perfect holiday.

1. Save money from home – get the best deals in terms of accommodation, flights.

2. Don’t invite your friends to join if you haven’t been satisfied with the last vacation. Everyone is different, so everyone’s expectations, so just be yourself this couple of days – it’ll do you a lot of good!

3. Think of the past – what you enjoyed most and what you enjoyed less. Take only the good parts into consideration and try reviving some of the aspects that made you feel good – maybe a special dish, a certain landscape.

4. Turn off your mobile phone – you’ll be tempted to check the inbox messages or maybe answer a short call – it might spoil your vacation. A “stress-free” vacation means being deconnected from mobile phones and computers technology.

5. Consider at least 3 things you want to do in this journey – whether it’s about visiting something you always wanted, or just relaxing and sitting on a bench in the park, maybe meeting new people, everything is possible with a prior plan.

6. Buy yourself small souvenirs – if you really enjoyed this vacation, don’t forget to buy a few small items that will always remind you of the special moments spent in a certain town. If you wish, you can share your joy with the others, left at home, by buying them similar objects, too. They will be more than delighted.

7. Set your budget – it is maybe among the top tips to a perfect holiday you have to stick to, because a well considered budget means a worryless vacation. Not that you should avoid buying or visiting exquisite places, but think twice if you are on a tight budget, you don’t want to spend the last days counting your notes everytime.

8. Take yourself a map of the town – a well-documented map will save a lot of time while trying to find the destination. The great capitals in the world have a very well developed subway network with dozens of lines, you don’t want to get lost, right?

9. Make your own schedule – if you don’t want to wake up early, as you are used to, then don’t do it. You’re not at the office so, you don’t have to explain anything to your boss. If something doesn’t please you at all, then avoid going to that place. Feel free and don’t set yourself any boundaries!

10. Try local dishes – even if you are not a cheese enthusiast, or chicken is not your favourite meat, don’t miss trying some of the local dishes, because you might surely won’t taste them in your country, too. It will always remind you of the local customs.

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