10 Destinations to Visit This Year

Post written by Kate Robinson.
There is a big world out there waiting to be discovered. That is what I found out the first time I travelled to South America. My problem was that I hated long-haul flights and I admit…I still am a bit scared of flying. However, once I had set my feet safely on South American soil I was ready to start my adventure….and it wasn’t just to be limited to that continent. I had realised that with airline tickets and overcoming my fear of flying I could discover…the world! Here is a list of my favourite top 10 destinations to visit this year.
1. Iceland
Some of the main tourist attractions in Iceland are its thermal springs, volcanoes, glaciers and the Northern Lights. I would recommend going for the Iceland Airwaves music festival which takes place every year in October.
2. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires is one of South America’s most cosmopolitan cities and it is excellent for shopping.
3. Koh Samui, Thailand
When people think of Thailand..they think of Bangkok. I say avoid the city stress and lie on the white sandy beaches of Thailand’s third-largest island – Koh Samui. My favourite thing about Koh Samui has definitely got to be scuba diving.
4. Ireland
You have to visit Ireland. This lucky little island is just stunning. My advice is to take two or three weeks holidays, rent a car and discover Ireland from top to bottom.
5. Tallinn, Estonia
The dream destination for art lovers and party animals – this city is renowned for its wild nightlife, museums and art galleries.
6. Cairo
Cairo is the gateway to the magnificent Pyramids of Giza…a tourist attraction I used to dream of visiting and finally did. All I can say is it was amazing.
7. Melbourne, Australia
An Australian city renowned for its hotels, restaurants and galleries.
8. Buzios, Brazil
This is the perfect place for a day trip during your holiday in Rio de Janeiro or even a great holiday destination which is more down to earth than some big Brazilian cities.
9. Cali, Colombia
Go with the Latin American flow as you salsa in Cali and experience life in Colombia with the locals.
10. Toronto
A clean city with lots of great tourist attractions.

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